Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Your Posture is the Source of Your Back Pain

Posture is one of the major reasons why many different people suffer from I4 and I5 back pain.
Especially if the pain is asymmetric, like lower back pain left side only, your posture is probably the main reason.

Making the necessary changes to the posture can greatly benefit those who deal with chronic back pain on a daily basis. It is advised that the average individual should sit up straight with their shoulders back and their chest pointed directly out. Some people are so used to slouching on a regular basis; they find it hard to actually sit up straight. However, if those people only knew the benefits from sitting up straight and the terrible side effects from slouching, they may finally change their mind and focus on changing how they sit.

People who sit for an extended period of time, especially those who work at an office desk in front of a computer, will likely get used to slouching. The slouching can cause a great deal of unwanted pain in the body and the individual is probably not even aware that their slouching is the culprit for any of the pain they are dealing with.

Pain Caused By Slouching

When an individual slouches for an extended period of time, the muscles become overused and will get tired which often leads to neck pain, back pain, and even shoulder pain. People who suffer from this pain are probably trying to figure out how they can lose the back pain and other pain they are suffering from but aren’t quite sure what they can do especially when they have to sit at a desk for hours on end.

There are plenty of ways to prevent the pain, even for those who sit at a desk for many hours. The first step is for the individual to recognize that he/she is slouching and fix their posture every single time they realize that they are slouching. The individual may even want to replace their desk chair for a fitness ball. Sitting on a fitness ball instead of a desk chair for just a few hours will help the individual to keep their posture straight instead of slouching. It is also a good way to get a quick workout without having to move very much.

Those who want to know how to get rid of back pain would also benefit from performing some stretches from their seat. Neck stretches, arm stretches, and back stretches are good to do especially for those who have problems with slouching. It can definitely be a tough adjustment for people who are already used to sitting a certain way but it is important for those people to realize how negative the slouching is for the body and how many negative side effects it can cause. Anyone who wants to be pain free should continue sitting up straight, performing stretches, and prevent themselves from slouching at all costs, even if it means buying a fitness ball and using that in place of a traditional office chair.

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